Aphrodite was said to be born from the sea, and pearls were the drops of water flung from her body.

Pearls have been known as " Queen of Gems" in the past, as they have a history and allure which goes back to the ancient times.

Hundreds of years ago, pearls were considered as Rarity & Priceless treasure to have.

A pearl necklace & earrings were the most expensive jewelry in the world and were only worn by the richest of people who could afford jewelry of this luxury.

NATC is narrated us the story of "SEDUCTION" through the years ..and the EVOLUTION through time.

Introducing a strong trend component, we find the perfect balance in the result:

Exclusive design-jewels with zircons , pearls and semipreciousstones which enchance a formal silhouette & gives you the right "sparkle" to every outfit that will "seduce" .


"Saints and Sinners may be separated by their actions, but they are united by their reaction to passion"..

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