GRACE! I am extremely excited to announce the 4th Issue of “BLURRED” magazine. I believe that with this issue we enhance fully our mission as “to be ambassadors of Fashion, Art & Design offering cutting edge material and high end editorials’’. To be the most influential fashion and cultural magazine on the island is not an easy task but with commitment, teamwork, passion and huge effort we believe we accomplished it! In our Issue 4 we embrace dance; we invite the Soloist Dancer of National Opera of Greece Eleana Andreoudi. Eleana also participates in our first editorial with Harris Kyprianou as a photographer and gives us an exclusive interview about her love for dancing! We didn’t stop here thought; Anna Gubareva the owner of the famous Dance Studio Moon presents herself as a business woman that is committed to her mission, dance and above all her family! In July-August Issue in the middle of the summer we present to you the latest trends in swimwear and everyday-wear in a 12 pages fashion editorial with the young Maria Antoniou as a photographer. As introduced in Issue 3, the “Hardcore Interview” section we go “beyond the surface” in this issue as we interview Stavros Ioannou the owner of MOB interior architects. He talks about his previous work and his latest MERES multi-functional space. An amazing 3 pages article about the “HERO” Cat Stevens by Maria Kappelos. Maria also writes about the “Global Nomad’’ where through the eyes of the architect Andreas Trisveis we see the Anassa Hotel and his trips to Hungary and Turkey. “BLURRED” magazine binds a variety of topics, from the “Design Dose” and the “Cool G” sections byKonstantinos Mavropetros where he presents 4 Digital Artists and more-than-gadgets interesting items respectively. KILLERS section is a new presentation of 5 artists from Larnaca. Constantinos Ptochopoulos, Spyros Agathou, Antonis Tziarrides, Ioanna Kythreotou andElena Tsigaridou are literary KILLING IT in what they do! Georgia Demetriou and Konstantinos Mavropetros are joining forces for the “Bloggers for a Cause” section. 15 bloggers were invited to take pictures for the awareness of “One Dream One Wish” organisation. We are certain that you will feel all the love that went into the creation of this Fashion & Cultural Magazine you are holding thanks to everyone - collaborators, advertisers and the spectacular “BLURRED” team, who has made this magazine something to be proud of. So, let us turn inspiration into reality, stimulate the senses and challenge your expectations. Stay with us and expect more from “BLURRED” – your Ambassador of Fashion, Art, Design and Lifestyle. Enjoy

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